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Coaching is a game changer.

Coaching builds new awareness and changes the way you understand the impact of your beliefs and behaviors. We help take you off the “playing field” and elevate your view so that you can see yourself differently, define new goals, design a winning strategy, and create a new individualized playbook.

Our single focus is guiding clients to meet challenges and build a playbook focused on strengths, providing the confidence to move forward. We help you sort through your choices and make the right career plays. We believe in our clients unconditionally. We stay fully present with our clients, teaming to achieve individual goals. We work hard to earn your trust, coaching with honesty, integrity and compassion, and work through even the most difficult issues.

Let us team with you, and together we can develop and implement the strategies that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Leadership Coaching
Game Plan

We work with all levels of leadership from emerging leaders to the “C” suite. Are you ready to develop your individual playbook that will keep you in the game? >>
Leadership Training & Development Game Plan
Our approach moves leaders and potential leaders from confusion to clarity with confidence. Learn about the workshops, training and webinars we have delivered and developed. >>
Career Exploration & Transition Game Plan
Changing careers is one of the most stressful times in your life. Give yourself the gift of exploring your next move with us. Devise a new career game plan you can count on. >>
Game Plan

Retirement is not the end of the productive phase of your life -- it can be the most rewarding and intentional time of your life. Create your post-retirement game plan. >>