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Create a winning career playbook.
Career Exploration & Transition
Career Transition Branding

Amy's program included a thoroughly-considered series of exams and interviews, which seemed — at first — to confirm what I feared: that my interests varied, and my strengths did not neatly align into any single category of conventional occupations. This is where having an experienced career coach paid off: Amy helped me to see that having a unique combination of abilities, interests, and experiences could prove to be an incredible asset to the right company, and then pointed me in that direction. Amy's guidance helped me to present myself in the best light during job interviews and ultimately land that job. More importantly, Amy gave me the skills to identify what type of tasks would naturally encourage high-performance, and how I could direct my work responsibilities to focus on those proclivities. Six months into my new job, I feel more empowered than ever to direct the course of my career and achieve my ambitions.

— EP, Technology Guru

Career Transition Branding: Coaching to help market you as a candidate

Services we provide:

We help and empower you to…..

  • Get clarity around what you want to do next
  • “Brand” yourself
  • Be clear on who you are and what’s your offer
  • Articulate your accomplishments and how to leverage them in your search.
  • Prepare for primary and secondary research
  • Create an informational interviewing strategy
  • Develop your elevator pitch (how to talk about yourself)
  • Create a networking strategy
  • Check for message consistency in your resume
  • Prepare for your interviews.

Services we don’t provide:

  • Recruiting (can refer)
  • Specific networking connections
  • Resume writing (can refer)


  • For clients who don’t start with career exploration coaching, a minimum number of hours of coach time/assessments is necessary prior to starting the branding exercises.
  • Worksheets and frameworks for creating your brand.
  • Career Transition Strategy

Talents are common, everyone has them - but rare is the courage to follow our talents where they lead. — Anonymous