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Sample Workshops

Amy helped me with a 360 degree assessment and other exercises that allowed me to see how my behaviors and intentions did and did not align with other people's perceptions. This was a very valuable exercise and helped me to make significant corrections that have helped me to build self-confidence in my leadership abilities. Amy has been a pleasure to work with.

— DD, Marketing Vice President, Energy Sector

Sample Next Game Plan Workshops

Next Game Plan MBTI Full-Day Workshop on Career Development

The MBTI Workshop on Career Development was developed to help individuals in a company/organization learn about their personality how it affects their career preferences and ideal career fit, and how they can apply this knowledge to opportunities at the company/organization. The group format of the workshop helps individuals understand and respect personality differences in the organization in a supportive environment, and helps them understand how their natural skills and strengths can help them find their own fit within the organization.

Take home value: Participants will gain an understanding of their individual personality types (identifying strengths and challenges of both) and an appreciation of differences. Participants also will learn how their personality preferences affect their current and future career satisfaction. Each participant will create an individual career development plan with actions steps that can be used for their own personal improvement and career development discussions within the organization.

Next Game Plan MBTI Full-Day Workshop on Team Effectiveness

Next Game Plan developed the MBTI Workshop on Team Effectiveness to help small to medium-sized teams within an organization understand how personality dynamics affect the ways that teams function and improve team and individual performance based on these insights. Appreciating team personality similarities and differences is an essential step to creating a team environment where the sum of the team is stronger than any of its parts. Successful teamwork requires awareness of how each member contributes to the team and a plan based on commitment, skill, time, and effort to improve team performance.

Take Home Value: Participants will gain an understanding of their team and individual personality types, and identify strengths and challenges of both. Participants will have access to a new set of tools to improve individual and group capacities to solve problems, communicate, and use conflict constructively. Team members will understand how their natural advantages can benefit the team, and how organizational culture and leadership personalities affect the team. Participants will leave the workshop with team and individual action plans with steps to improve performance.

Next Game Plan Workshop to Promote Intergenerational Understanding in the Workplace

Next Game Plan created The Workshop to Promote Intergenerational Understanding in the Workplace to help organizations or teams develop a better understanding of how intergenerational influences (whether perceived or real) impact the functioning of an organization. Understanding these differences is an important factor in maximizing organizational productivity and employee satisfaction.

This workshop provides a forum for a real discussion of generational influences in the workplace. The workshop explores similarities and differences of values and perceptions by generation, and uses interactive exercises to deepen understanding of how generational stereotyping affects beliefs and actions.

Take home value: Participants will gain insight into generational similarities and differences, as well as individual differences within generations. They will test their assumptions, stereotypes, and perceptions about generations with other workshop participants to better understand what is important to and motivates people they work with. Each participant will commit to personal behavioral change based on what they have learned and will make recommendations to leadership.

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. — George Bernard Shaw