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Craft your post-retirement game plan.
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I have seen career coaches throughout my career, and always felt that the work we did was too general and didn't go deep enough to give me adequate direction. However, doing a career assessment with Amy was so thorough and thought-provoking that I now have a firm grasp of who I am, what my values are, and a plan for what I want to do next. Amy's approach, assessment tools, and questions really helped me look at my career, and life, from a variety of perspectives and, in the end, I felt like I got to know myself better than I have in years. Not to mention that working with Amy was so much fun and engrossing that it was hard to stop when our session time expired!

— AM, JD, MBA, Author

Post-Retirement Game Plan

Imagine Redefining Retirement

Imagine a world where everyone who retired had a specific game plan tailored to their needs and desires. They enjoy their life, continue to learn and grow, focus on areas of interest, explore new interests, give back to the community, and strike the perfect balance between all aspects of life, including work and leisure. What would the world be like? A society that respects and benefits from the older generation. A world filled with greater opportunities for mentoring and the transfer of knowledge. A more engaged, healthier community, both mentally and physically. A more productive world with greater impact on all aspects of life.

Now Imagine You……

Instead of uncertainty and anxiety, you are empowered to retire with a playbook on how you would like to create your post-retirement game plan. A plan that focuses on how you would like to design and live the next phase of your life. A plan you create, adapt and live the rest of your life by.

It’s the simple truth that though life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned…sometimes it can turn out better. — Deborah Phelps (Michael Phelps’ (gold medal Olympian), mother)