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Craft your post-retirement game plan.
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Her warmth, intelligence, engender trust and confidence, kept bringing me back down to earth/keeping it real, made connections I hadn’t made before, her process made me see my dreams and I feel like I’m singing now… It exceeded my expectations.

— CL, Marketing Professional

Post-Retirement Game Plan Workshop for Senior Executives

Companies can hire Next Game Plan for a workshop series geared towards executives and professionals nearing their retirement phase. This workshop series is a great way to say goodbye and to help employees feel supported in their next phase of life. The workshop includes an opportunity to explore stages of retirement readiness, individual needs to make the transition, desires, and creation of an individual retirement transition plan. While the reflection and planning is done individually, participants have the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings with others who are at the same phase of life. Doing so helps the participants feel supported by colleagues in the same position and help them move from confusion to clarity to a commitment to move forward with confidence.

Workshops Could cover the following topics:

  • Readiness assessment
  • Self-exploration assessments and exercises
  • New vision and purpose
  • Career and life insights
  • Balance: role, being, doing
  • Planning
  • Possible roadblocks
  • Creating a post-retirement plan

Please contact us for more information about a workshop series tailored to your company’s needs.

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